Magic and Muscles revealed Mash’s voice actor and staff with an official trailer at Aniplex Online Fest 2022

Hajime Komoto’s Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime was announced shortly after the manga entered its twelfth volume. Subsequently, the series dropped a teaser giving a preview of the main character and revealing the release year to be 2023. Today, during the Aniplex Online Fest 2022, additional information regarding the anime was disclosed. Mashle: Magic and … Read more

What power did Itachi give Naruto? The infamous crow scene, explained

Itachi Uchiha is one of the most influential characters in the Naruto series, and he has played an essential role in the development of the overall plot. When alive, his strength was unparalleled in the Uchiha clan and even other villages. In chapter 403 of the series, there was a blink-and-miss instance where Itachi transferred … Read more

5 Naruto villains more complex than My Hero Academia’s Shigaraki Tomura (and 5 who seem shallow in comparison)

Unique villains stand out from the crowd, as seen in animes like Naruto, jujutsu kaisen, death note, Dragon Balland my hero academia. Something about them leaves fans intrigued and wanting more. One such villain is My Hero Academia’s Shigaraki Tomura. First introduced in Chapter 11 of the MHA manga and Season 1 Episode 8, Shigaraki … Read more

Crunchyroll’s Fall 2022 line-up includes My Hero Academia, Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, and more

Wednesday afternoon saw Crunchyroll announce its release schedule for the fall 2022 season, including hits such as chainsaw man, Mob Psycho 100 III, My Hero Academiaand more. The Fall 2022 season certainly seems to be jampacked for the anime streaming giant, with tons of new premieres as well as a few intriguing re-releases. Of significant … Read more

Does Riolu have a significantly lower hatch rate? Pokemon GO players suggest so

Another day, another Reddit post pointing out something negative the Pokemon Go community has noticed from Niantic. This time it revolves around the hatch rate of Riolu from Eggs. Many believe that it is much lower than other Pokemon, but are disappointed by the fact that there was no announcement that this would be the … Read more

How to catch Hisuian Qwilfish in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO introduces the Hisui region, the domain of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and its unique landscape gave rise to many new forms. Many of the earlier additions to the franchise reappeared with new color schemes and types. One great example is the Baloon Pokemon, Qwilfish, who came to the game with a new dark look. … Read more

Naruto fandom is outraged over Ikemoto’s drawing of Sarada from Boruto chapter 73’s cover

Since the leaks about Boruto chapter 73 were released a couple of days ago, the fandom’s reaction has been mixed. The chapter has also proved to be one of the most controversial ones to this day due to its story and character design. The creator behind the manga, Ikemoto, made some questionable decisions concerning the … Read more

All upcoming PC games August 2022

The previous months saw quite a few amazing indie PC games get released. From Stray to Rune Factory 5, fans had a chance to try out amazing indie titles. While the flow of amazing indie titles isn’t slowing down anytime soon, AAA titles are also set for release in August and beyond. While talking about … Read more

How to find Giovanni in Pokemon GO (April 2022)

Giovanni has returned to Pokemon GO with a new trick up his sleeve. As many players know, Giovanni challenges the player with his Shadow Legendary Pokemon that players have a chance to catch after defeating him. As of the new All-Hands Rocket Retreat event, Giovanni has a new member on his team from him. Unlike … Read more