Detective Pikachu 2 Game “Nearing Release” According To Pokémon Job Profile

Image: The Pokemon Company In case you missed it, there’s a new Detective Pikachu game on the way to the Nintendo Switch. When The Pokémon Company originally announced it in 2019, it was mentioned how it would conclude the original game’s story. If you’re wondering what’s happened to this project since then – don’t worry, … Read more

Hori Reveals New Pokémon-Themed Designs For The Switch Split Pad Fit

Image: HORI Accessory-maker Hori has revealed it’s teaming up with The Pokémon Company to release Pokémon-themed Split Pad Fit. In case you missed it, these Joy-Con-like controllers are a follow-up to Hori’s Switch Split Pad Pro, and are officially releasing here in the west as the Switch Split Pad Compact. They’ll be available here in … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley Is A Free-To-Play Life-Sim That’s Coming To Switch In 2023

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube Gameloft, the mobile developer founded by Ubisoft’s Michel Guillemot that helped to bring Earthworm Jim and Rayman to DSiWare, has unveiled its brand new magical collaboration with Disney. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cross between a life-sim and adventure game where you can interact with your favorite Disney and … Read more

What Do You Think Of The Harvestella Demo?

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube Ahead of its November 4th release date, Square Enix’s take on the farming game genre, Harvestella, recently received a demo on Switch, so you can try before you buy. The save will transfer over to the full game, if you decide it’s worth the £50 / $60. As part … Read more

All Picross S Games Are Getting Patched With Touchscreen And Multiplayer Support

Image: Jupiter Corporation Picross S8 is coming to the Switch on September 29thbut in a move that might shock followers of this addictive puzzler series, it will bring along with it an update to there of developer Jupiter’s other Picross games, bringing both ‘touch panel operation’ and ‘4-player simultaneous play’ to the series. From what … Read more

Where To Pre-Order Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe On Switch

Kirby’s having a pretty stellar time right now what with the excellent Kirby and the Forgotten Land hitting Switch in March and Kirby’s Dream Buffet gobbling up the eShop in August, but Nintendo isn’t done just yet. The next Kirby game headed our way is Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe, a remake of Wii’s … Read more

Nightdive Studios Was Apparently “Close” To Reviving GoldenEye 007

Image: Nintendo Life Rare’s iconic first-person shooter GoldenEye 007 was thought to be stuck in licensing hell, but after ongoing rumors and last week’s Nintendo Direct, it was officially announced for the Switch Online N64 service. It’s coming to Xbox Game Pass and Rare Replay with some minor enhancements, too. Sure, it might not be … Read more

Super Sonic Will Apparently Be Mandatory For Some Bosses In Sonic Frontiers

Image: Sega Sega’s ‘open-zone’ Sonic Frontiers is racing toward its launch on November 8th and we’ve now got a bit more context around boss battles and how Super Sonic will factor into them. In speaking with IGN, Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto states that Super Sonic will be mandatory in order to defeat certain bosses … Read more

The Metroid Dread Vibes Are Strong In Action-RPG Platformer ‘Trinity Fusion’

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Youtube Indie developer Angry Mod Games has announced its upcoming action-RPG platformer TrinityFusioncurrently slated for released on “PC and consoles” in 2023. We’ve not had full confirmation that this includes Switch at the time of writing, but it’s looking highly likely, at least. Featuring high-tech, futuristic environments and robotic creatures, … Read more

Round Up: Aksys Announces Multiple New Switch Games, Arriving In 2023

Image: Aksys Games Official Anime Expo 2022 is currently underway this weekend, and as part of this Aksys Games has announced several new titles during its own company panel. It’s also showing a number of games at Booth 2011 in the Exhibit Hall throughout the weekend. Here’s the full round up: Shuuen no Virche ~ErroЯ:Salvation … Read more