Richest Anime Characters

Although anime is a path to the fantastical, these shows present heightened versions of the real world. The larger-than-life quirkiness often manifests in characters’ abilities. Other times, though, it shows in monetary value.

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The anime landscape has several characters who are filthy rich. They are so loaded that they can go anywhere and afford anything. Granted, this is usually a convenient way to facilitate the story, but one can’t help but marvel at someone with that much cash to burn.


7 Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

Yumeko attends a private school. This already says a lot about her financial state, as mainly loaded families can afford to send their children to such places. That goes double for the most prestigious schools. Her true wealth, however, reveals itself in her hobby.

This anime is all about gambling, and Yumeko is addicted to it. She constantly throws herself into high-stakes games to get her adrenaline fix. That habit would be detrimental if she didn’t have the funds to fuel it and the skills to back it up. As such, she likely won’t run out of cash anytime soon.

6 Bulma – Dragon Ball

Innovation can pave the way for success, especially with a monopoly on the market. Bulma and her family de ella are responsible for the Capsule Corporation, which can condense machines and even entire buildings into pocket-sized capsules. These gadgets are in use all over the world, giving Bulma limitless wealth.

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That wealth is matched only by her intelligence. She can indulge in whatever scientific idea pops into her head de ella, making her a valuable resource for the dragon ball heroes. She cooks up all sorts of tools for their adventures. These range from the Dragon Radar to a time machine. What’s more, she does it with no promise of profit since these inventions don’t hit the market. Bulma truly has more money than she cares to count.

5 Pegasus – Yu-Gi-Oh!

This flamboyant fop also hit it big with a goldmine idea. in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, Pegasus created the Duel Monsters card game, which forms the foundation for the whole franchise. Everyone and their mother play this game, coming with their own decks and challenging each other on a regular basis. Granted, Pegasus stole the concept from Egyptian monster battles, but the pharaohs didn’t exactly patent it.

As a result, Pegasus profited tremendously from his “invention.” He owns a massive island filled with dozens of mechanized stadiums and a castle. This forms the battleground for his tournament, where contestants come from far and wide via cruise ship. One wonders what the silver-haired devil did to pass the time before this game came along.

4 Daisuke Kambe – Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited

One also wonders how a character with a cop’s salary could make the list. Daisuke, however, comes from a rich family. The Kambe clan have their hands in countless businesses and political dealings. Their latest member simply joined the police out of boredom.

His resources make him comically overqualified for the position. He not only goes through specialized training in England, but he brings private jets and fancy suits to the party. Once on the force, he employs revolutionary gadgets like lie-detecting glasses and bribes to extract information. These methods show how little Daisuke cares for money: it’s just a disposable tool in his arsenal.

3 Mina Tepes – Dance In The Vampire Bund

These guys ought to be well off after centuries of accumulating wealth. Mina descends from the Tepes family of vampires. Aside from the obvious dracula nod, this means she has noble blood. Once she steps out of the shadows, literally and figuratively, she has plenty of money saved up.

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What’s more, she wastes no time in showing it off. Like Pegasus, Mina owns an island. Maybe that’s a rite of passage for rich people. In addition, she pays off Japan’s national debt and works to establish it as an independent country by importing various businesses. Again, she does all of this out-of-pocket. At least the Tepes heir puts her money toward a good cause.

two Sinbad – Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

This maritime man has both monarchy and economy on his side. Sinbad garners the best possible outcome from sailing the oceans. To begin, he conquers the seven mystical Dungeons: labyrinthine structures reserved for the most daring adventurers. Each one awards him exponentially more riches.

After clearing these gauntlets, Sinbad puts his profits to use. He starts his own kingdom named “Sindria.” From here, he runs the Sindria Trading Company, generating additional revenue. It’s so successful that it pushes out the more established trade corporations. In short, Sinbad achieves the perfect combination of plunder and free enterprise.

1 Nagi Sanzenin – Hayate The Combat Butler

For reference, the Sanzenin family put 20 million yen into a phony business investment, and they did it just for kicks. That demonstrates how well off they are right out of the gate, and young Nagi continues flaunting their funds at private beach parties and other diversions for friends. She routinely throws money at her problems from her, partly because she does not want it.

Everyone else does, though. Countless criminals target Nagi for ransom. Ella she’s either the only game in town or the biggest fish that everyone wants to nab. Whatever the case, her wealth constantly attracts unscrupulous attention. This makes it ironic in the long run when she winds up losing her inheritance from her. Easy eat, easy go.

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