Pokemon GO: How To Farm Candies

Collecting Candy is similar to collecting Stardust in Pokémon GO. Getting a bit here and there is not hard, it feels like doing anything yields a piece of candy or two. However, the quantities just aren’t enough to meet the demands of playing regularly. Gamers will find all their creatures need candy and there isn’t enough to go around.

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The real trick is the big horde. The massive haul. Not just a truckload of candy, but candy of increasing rarity for times when players need a touch more strength to win those difficult fights that rank as the most difficult in the gaming world. Here’s the best way to maximize candy collecting time in Pokémon GO.


Use Pinap Berries

A Pinap Berry doubles the candy received by catching a Pokemon, so that’s a no-brainer if players have them handy. The catch does need to be successful, so if the catch is risky, it’s best to save it for a sure thing. certain buffs, this only lasts for a certain activity, not a duration of time, so it can be used Unlike right before the action.

Assign A Pokemon As A Buddy

Different Pokemon drop candy when you buddy up with them and carry them a certain distance. The exact distances would be way too long for a graph, but feel free to visit Nintendo for the exact distances for each creature. There is no cap on the amount of candy that can be acquired this day, so always have a buddy dropping candy, especially when planning on going for a moderate distance or more.

Hang By A Gym And Feed The Defender

For those who have the berries, hang by a gym and feed the Pokemon defending it every thirty minutes. For those in highly populated areas, make a thirty-minute circuit between multiple gyms.

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Although the chance of getting candy isn’t guaranteed, this is the best way to get rare candies. It’s a smart thing to do when out and about, collecting Pokemon anyhow.

Catch Later Generation Pokemon

Keep an eye out for Pokemon higher than Gen One to get the most out of each catch.

Generation Candy Awarded When Caught
One 3
Two 5
Three 10

Of course, players often have very little say over what you randomly decide to pop up every given day. Still, everyone has had to make a choice between two Pokemon to pursue. If one is a higher generation, it’s handy to know it will yield more candy than the other.

Transfer Undesired Pokémon

Transfer all of the duplicate and unwanted creatures. Each one cleared gives a piece of candy on the way out.RELATED: Pokemon GO: How to Get Unova Stones

This clears out the inventory for more important participants, too. However, please read this whole list before transferring Pokemon as even the worst Pokemon can be traded for some free candy before being dispensed of.

Always Be Hatching

New players need to learn quickly that hatching something at all times is important to getting ahead. When it comes to farming candy, this is even more crucial to success.

Distance Egg Requires To Open (in kilometers) Candy Received After Hatching
two 5 – 15
5 10 – 21
7 10 – 21
10 16 – 32
12 16 – 32

Incidentally, it’s actually more valuable (candy-wise) to hatch a lot of quick ones. The ones that require a long distance should be hatched by turning Adventure Sync on and then going about the day. While actively playing, hatch the shorter durations.

Trade With Long-Distance Friends

As everyone is gearing up in preparation for the expanded World Championships, many will be open to making friends from all over. There is a practical reason to join in on this trend.

Distance Pokemon Were Caught From Each Other(in kilometers) Candy Received After Trading
under 10 1
10 – 100 two
over 100 3

It’s just a few extras, but if players are going to discard Pokemon themselves, why not trade them first for some free goodies? After a huge haul with a pal, both players can maximize the work they did for the day.

Open Gifts And Field Research Breakthroughs

Gifts and Field Research Breakthroughs do not guarantee candy as most of the previous suggestions on this list do. However, they can be just as important because, when they do yield candy, they have higher chances of giving away rarer kinds of sweets.

Participate In The Battle League

Almost identical to Field Research Breakthroughs, this has no guarantee of giving out candy but can give out some of the best candy available. Players have a little bit more control over this than sheer luck, though, since they will receive a reward proportionate to where they ended the season.

Battle Trainers

As with the previous suggestion, this also gives away a grab bag of rewards that players can’t count on for consistent candy. But if there are a lot of trainers around and they’re down to battle it out, then there are bound to be a few wayward candies that fall in the trainer’s lap.

Pokémon GO is available now on Mobile devices.

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