Which seafood is most nutritious and least carbon intensive?

Calling all seafood lovers: to adopt a diet that’s low on emissions and good for your health, consider increasing your intake of oysters, anchovies, and salmon…but maybe avoid the shrimp. These are the suggestions of a new study that compared the nutritional and emissions impact of different seafoods, homing in on a number of species, … Read more

Balanced meal timing may benefit cognitive health, study shows

Share on PinterestA new study suggests that eating three relatively similar meals throughout the day may help prevent cognitive decline. AzmanL/Getty Images A new study finds that meeting our daily energy needs through three relatively similar meals may be the best way to avoid cognitive decline. Skipping breakfast, according to the study, is associated with … Read more

At crossroads over KEBS’ suspension of 10 cooking oils? Here are the alternatives

Do people really need cooking oil? [iStockphoto] The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has suspended the sale of 10 cooking fat brands for non-compliance with set standards. In a Statement, KEBS said it ordered the recall to protect consumers from potentially unsafe products and to safeguard the economic interests of compliant brands. “This is not … Read more

The Best Fruit for Chronic Constipation

While many turn to prunes, kiwis offer superior effects along with nutritional benefits. The kiwi is a wonder fruit when it comes to tackling the tough, often painful, chronic constipation afflicting so many people worldwide. Chronic constipation can have many causes. The good news is, nature has many remedies for this uncomfortable, even painful, condition. … Read more

I’m a nutritionist – here’s 26 simple ways to make carbs HEALTHY to help you lose weight

PASTA, potatoes, pizza, pies…some of our favorite foods don’t exactly scream out good health. So whether you’re hoping to improve your general health or simply want to lose a few pounds, a five-cheese stuffed crust pizza with extra salami probably isn’t the way to go about it. 1 You don’t have to give up pasta … Read more

Have GPs given up on obesity? NHS adviser reveals most doctors ‘ignore’ patients’ weight issues

EXCLUSIVE: Have GPs given up in the war on obesity? NHS adviser reveals most doctors ‘ignore’ patients’ weight issues Professor Aveyard has said GPs routinely fail to refer obese people for help The GP said doctors’ ‘neglect’ of the one in four of us who are obese in the UK Funding was introduced for doctors … Read more

Oxford study: One in eight people might have blood pressure without knowing

Why you could have high blood pressure and not even know it! One in eight adults suffer spikes at NIGHT that are missed by daytime readings, study suggests Fifteen per cent of adults aged 40 to 75 had high blood pressure in evening Oxford University experts say they would be missed by daytime screening Hypertension … Read more

Monkeypox vaccine second doses available for most at risk, says UKHSA | Monkeypox

People most at risk of contracting monkeypox will be offered second doses of the vaccine, the UK Health Security Agency has said. Sexual health clinics will continue to prioritize offering first doses to those at highest risk. The UKHSA said some clinics will offer eligible people a second dose, which should provide longer-term protection. Modeling … Read more